Partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton Expands STEP Impact

Booz Allen Hamilton shares STEP’s passion to serve those who serve us. Not only has the consulting company worked with the military since WWII, but their workforce is also one-third military affiliated, so they understand the unique challenges military families face. Our partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton has enabled us to effectively communicate our impact, reach deserving military families, and distribute essential goods to thousands during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Our nonprofit’s work has been amplified by the resources Booz Allen Hamilton has dedicated to our mission, both in expertise through a pro-bono project and through direct financial donations.

Meeting with Booz Allen pro-bono team (Left to right: Tony Teravainen, Kathy Bradshaw, Konrad Asprodites, Daniel Suh, Alex Tran, Lisa Hunter, Tenshing Honda, and Tracie Winn)

Booz Allen Hamilton recently completed a pro-bono project to help STEP analyze and effectively communicate our impact. A team of four Booz Allen consultants applied data science and project management expertise to merge data from a variety of sources to create user-friendly dashboards for STEP. The new dashboards demonstrate how lives have been changed through our programs and it will help us connect with additional clients in need of assistance.