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Celebrate Military Appreciation Month With STEP

Support STEP’s Life-Changing Emergency Financial Assistance and Basic Needs Programs

May is Military Appreciation Month, when we take some extra time to share our

respect and admiration for service members both at home and around the world.

We all know that our military members and their families sacrifice so much every

day, and we are grateful that Military Appreciation Month gives us all an opportunity

to honor those who serve, both past and present.

Military Appreciation Month also allows the community to extend extra support to our

service members, who need our help more than you know. You may not realize it, but

far too many enlisted members, their spouses, and recently discharged Veterans

struggle with their finances. According to a 2021 Military Family Support Programming

survey, an astonishing 81 percent of military families are stressed over their finances.

Enlisted Service Members Face Struggles We Don’t Think About

Many military service members never receive any type of foundational financial

education. After enlisting straight out of high school, they can encounter challenges

with money management and quickly find themselves unable to keep up with

everyday living expenses.

It’s not just service members or veterans who face problems–their spouses do too.

Military spouses must deal with frequent moves, extended periods without their

partner due to deployments, and the general stress that accompanies life as a

military spouse. All these factors make it hard for military spouses to maintain or

even find full-time employment, evidenced by the significantly higher

As the stress mounts, so does the backlog of bills and unmet needs. Lack of financial

education and money management skills leaves too many service members facing

debt, threat of eviction from their homes, and even food scarcity. That’s why

supporting our Emergency Financial Assistance and basic needs programs is such a

terrific way to celebrate Military Appreciation Month.

How STEP is Helping During Military Appreciation Month and Beyond

At STEP, we help enlisted members and newly separated Veterans achieve financial

self-sufficiency that helps them weather the unique challenges families face as part

of their military service. From our holiday food and gift drives, and car giveaways, to

our Financial Freedom Workshops and Cammies to College program, our programs

can be life-changing for those who serve and their families. Our Emergency Financial

Assistance (EFA) Program provides funds when needed, but more importantly, offers

education opportunities that set these families up for long-term success. Our

programs have helped cover the cost of car repairs, groceries, and even past-due

rent payments to stop evictions.

STEP’s Warehouse on Wheels distributes much-needed goods like food, diapers,

hygiene products, and clothes to the military community every month. Our holiday

programs go above and beyond to ease the stress of the holidays during the winter

months. Our flagship initiative, the Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) Program,

ensures that enlisted members and recently discharged Veterans have the

necessary funds to cover all their basic needs. So, if a Navy E3 is unable to pay rent

and is facing eviction, we can write a check that keeps a roof over their head.

Perhaps most importantly, the EFA Program connects families with our social workers

who are also certified in personal financial counseling and have lived experience as

either a military service member or a military spouse. This is what makes our

program unique and impactful. After participants are approved for the EFA Program,

our social workers will work directly with the family to develop an actionable plan

that leads to improved financial well-being and allows them to thrive.

Through these one-on-one, personalized programs, we provide enlisted personnel

and recently discharged Veterans with the financial resources they never received.

Through this education and counseling, they develop the skills and are empowered

to take control of their financial future.

But we cannot offer these life-changing interventions without the help of our


How You Can Get Involved with STEP

Every dollar donated to STEP supports a family in need, whether that means they are

given a box of diapers, a week’s worth of groceries, a month of rent, or presents over

the holidays. More than providing much-needed goods, though, your donation gives

the families we serve hope for the future, a chance to develop the skills to establish

the financial security that allows them to breathe easier. Asking for help is difficult for

anyone and is especially difficult for our service members and Veterans; we are

proud of our participants who reach out and commit themselves to a brighter future.

We know there are so many ways you can show your support this Military

Appreciation Month. Consider a donation to STEP today.


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