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An interview with STEP’s newest partner White Feather Investments CEO Buddy Rushing

During his first combat deployment in Afghanistan, Marine Officer Buddy Rushing, Owner and CEO of White Feather Investments (WFI), found a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad left in an armored vehicle. This book provided a pivotal moment for Buddy, opening his eyes to the possibility that he could create generational wealth through real estate investments. Growing up poor in Tennessee instilled in him a strong desire to get out of poverty and create financial freedom for his family, but didn’t know how until that day in the Khyber Pass. Now, after over 20 years in uniform, Buddy will leave next month to focus full-time on his next phase in life. 

In partnership with Greg Namrow, former Marine Captain/Infantry Officer and current Operations Officer, White Feather Investments is focused solely on one mission: To help our nation’s heroes create Financial Freedom. 

Why have the business focus on service members?

I believe that anyone who volunteers to put on the uniform and sacrifice their time, freedom and perhaps even their lives defending the American Dream deserves to be able to live the American Dream themselves. Often that dream is beyond the grasp of servicemembers when they get out and realize their skills are difficult to market in the civilian world. They lose their sense of camaraderie, structure, and purpose, while also losing their paycheck, and the blow is difficult to bear for many, leading to destructive behaviors, even suicide. But it doesn't have to be this way. Building financial freedom allows military people to grasp their own slice of the American Dream and focus their talents on their communities, instead of just trying to survive. 

Why support STEP?

STEP is a fantastic organization! One of the big gaps in what we do at WFI is that we don't have a lot of resources to help enlisted members who need guidance and assistance with very real problems on a daily basis. STEP focuses on a critically important population, that drives the heartbeat of the military, but often face the biggest challenges financially, both in handling the cost of living, as well as using their resources properly to prepare for the future. I used to be that person and wish I had a STEP back then. Partnering with STEP allows us to reach out far beyond our normal capabilities and help our brothers and sisters in a way that is far greater than we could do on our own. It's an honor to work with them and we are excited to see where this partnership goes in the future!

Thank you WFI for continuing your service and choosing to make a difference through supporting our programs. 

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