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Master of Science - Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science program in Business Administration at Warren National Universityoffers students the basic practical considerations and applications of the discipline in topical areas chosen to enhance capabilities and improve career potential. The graduate program offers a write my capstone paper similar exposure to those mid-career professionals with a firm grasp of business fundamentals, who wish to advance themselves in their current work, transition to a new challenge, or simply increase their knowledge in the area of business administration.

The Master of Science program in Computer Science builds upon the fundamental skills of an undergraduate program, skills gained experientially or educationally. Advanced programming techniques, simulation, and modeling are introduced at the master's level as well as a deeper understanding of programming concepts.

The Engineering Management program is designed to augment the engineering competency of the student by providing instruction in the process of management as it applies to write my paper for me in 3 hours technically-based enterprises. By combining qualitative approaches and quantitative techniques in a balanced curriculum, management credentials are strengthened and technical proficiency is increased.

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