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 Emergency Financial   Assistance 

Are you ready to get started building your brighter financial future?  You've come to the right place!

We know that you are struggling financially and that your situation is not exactly like anyone else’s.   

We stand ready to help you relieve your financial stress by helping you take charge of your finances.  Take the first step on your path to your brighter financial future by completing the application as thoroughly as possible. 


Kathi Bradshaw, MSW, CPFC


 Financial Freedom   Workshops 

This highly interactive workshop is designed to support attendees in developing personal financial goals and a concrete plan to achieve them.  Prior attendees have rated this workshop extremely highly remarking that they feel more confident about their financial skills and that attendance was a great use of their time.  Many have stated that, though they felt they had their finances under control before attending, they were glad they came because it added more tools to their toolbox. 


The workshop is presented by request to active duty or veteran groups of all sizes. 


 Warehouse on Wheels (WOW) 

STEP distributes goods to military bases throughout the community to ensure that every military and veteran family has what they need. We have shifted to Drive-Thru WOWs in response to COVID-19. 



Do you find it difficult to provide enough diapers for your kids?  Are you re-using or ‘making them last’?  STEP’s partnership with the San Diego Food Bank allows us to distribute diapers to E1 to E6 military and veteran families in need living or serving in San Diego County.  To sign up for the program, please submit your application by one of the links below.

  • E1-E6 Active Duty or Veteran Honorably discharged within the last 18 months

  • Currently live in San Diego County

  • One Sleeve Per Family

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 Holiday Programs 

STEP has Thanksgiving and holiday programs to help military and veteran families have what they need during the holidays without impact their financial wellness.