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Intern Spotlight: Song!

Yong Song is a South Korean Navy Veteran and feels a strong connection to military service members. After an information session at UCSD where he found out about STEP, he wanted to learn how he could help us further our mission.

“I had many team members who financially struggled in the military, and I found it disturbing. After I moved to the U.S, I almost forgot about this experience. When I went to the STEP website, it reminded me of the experience and I decided to help STEP.”

Before joining STEP as an intern, Yong had a great deal of volunteer experience, donating his time and skills at a physical therapy office, sport events as a part of the medical staff, Habitat for Humanity, and Sharp Hospital.

His time at STEP is spent managing our warehouse, which includes inventorying donations, keeping everything organized, creating new and improved systems, and picking up donations around our community. He enjoys driving to other organizations and meeting the people who want to help STEP.

Song’s favorite moment at STEP is when a client in a Navy uniform walked into the warehouse. She could not believe the amazing services STEP provided, saying it was too good to be true. “She was very grateful and relieved that STEP was there to help. It was a very touching and motivational moment,” Song said.

Song is currently an undergraduate student, working to become a military doctor. He brings an incredible set of skills, intelligence, and dedication to our organization. We are so happy to have Song on the STEP team!

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