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STEP Hosts Annual Cammies to College

Join us for our 8th Annual Cammies to College event on August 6th.

WHAT! This event will bring together educational resources from Pre-K to PHD from over 40 colleges, schools, universities, recruiters, and other supportive services for our military families. We will have experts on hand to talk about VA Benefits, CALVET and financial aid and scholarships. Come learn your options, speak to the experts and learn about your benefits.

WHERE! This in-person event will be held at Liberty Station Conference Center from 9-12:00 on August 6th. There is no charge to attend the event. The first 150 registered kids registered will receive a new backpack filled with school supplies. Light breakfast will be served, and we will be providing families with food, diapers, and additional giveaways and each family will have the opportunity to win some great door prizes.

REGISTER! All attendees MUST register for this event! Follow the link below and complete the application. Sorry, no walk-ins, only registered attendees will be admitted. SHARE! Please share this information throughout your networks inviting families to sign up soon. We expect this event to fill up quickly.

You can register at


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Jul 27, 2022


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